Tall Fescue

  • Residential or commercial turf
  • Parks and cemeteries
  • Recreational and sports turf
  • Sod production
  • Golf course roughs or bunkers
  • Roadsides and airport runways
  • Reclamation projects
  • Low maintenance uses
  • Saline soils and water areas
  • Has the ability to repair itself
  • Grows healthy in the State of Tennessee
  • Grass seed is blended specifically for thriving in Tennesee
  • Beautiful green color all season long
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Fescue Blend is a turf-type tall, fine fescue grass grown from seed. This is quality fescue that grows well in all areas of fescue adaptation. Palmer’s Turf Nursery hand-picks fescue varieties each year to provide you with sod that has the best heat, drought, and disease resistances available.

In addition to the benefits all tall, fine fescue grass varieties have, Fescue Blend Fescue has superior Rhizoctonia brown patch resistance, exceptional salt tolerance, and a much stronger shade tolerance. Fescue Blend Fescue is by far the most popular turf grass choice in the Tennessee Valley.