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Zoysia green up in the Tennessee springtime

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I receive hundreds of calls and emails this time of year about one specific item “When is my Zoysia going to green up”.  I tell people once the ground temperature starts to get into the low 60’s.  Once this happens massive green up appears.  Tennessee and the various areas surrounding it can have massive swings in temperature starting in March and continue through late April.  I have seen it frost in late April and damage and delay Zoysia green up.  All I can do is give a educated guess when it might happen in the Spring from my previous experience owning a sod farm.  Zoysia green up changes every year, sometimes earlier and some later.  We all are anxious for the warm summer nights and being able to stroll barefoot in our plush Zoysia yards.  We spend all winter dreaming about that wonderful feeling on the bottom of our feet called Zoysia.