best time to lay sod Atlanta

When Is the Ideal Time to Purchase Sod?

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best time to lay sod Atlanta

Most people have heard the expression, “Sit back and watch the grass grow.” It sounds like a pleasant experience, but the reality is somewhat different. If you try to grow grass from seed, you will be looking at bare dirt and a scraggly lawn for quite a while. It is much better to simply lay sod. It will be more effective and efficient, and you will instantly have a beautiful lawn that you can be proud of. Here is a guide to the ideal time to purchase sod.

The Ideal Time Is Spring

The truth is that sod can actually be laid almost any time of year other than winter. However, laying sod is an investment that requires you to take steps to ensure the best chances of success. Although you can achieve success most times of year, laying sod in the spring will optimize your new turf’s chances of thriving.

There are a few reasons that springtime is the ideal time for laying sod. The most important is that it gives your new turf the longest possible time to establish itself. If you wait until fall to lay down your new sod, it will not have long to establish itself before winter arrives.

Summer also presents problems for laying sod. The hot weather can make it more difficult for the sod to establish a root system, and it will not be able to grow as effectively as it will during cooler times of year.

You Must Take Steps for Success

Even if you choose the spring to increase your new turf’s chances of success, there are a number of things you must do to boost its chances even further. The first thing you must do is prepare the soil for the new sod. You should till the soil to remove any weeds and aerate it. Any rocks, large roots or stumps should be removed. Also, make sure to grade the soil to ensure your new turf will drain properly. The soil should be tested to ensure that it has a proper pH and the right amount of nutrients. Any imbalances in these areas need to be corrected before the sod is laid down.

Because sod is a living thing, it must be laid down as soon as possible. Make sure you use a sod dealer who can get the sod to your home within 72 hours of its harvesting. When the sod arrives at your home, it should be laid out as quickly as possible. It is best to get sod delivered in the morning so that it can be completely installed by the end of the day.

Once the sod is installed, it should be watered twice a day for the next two weeks. Make sure to water it lightly so as not to drown it.

If you take these steps, you will soon have a lovely new lawn that looks and feels amazing. Make sure that you lay it down during the spring if you want to give your sod every opportunity to thrive. When you treat it right, it will look great for years to come.