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Reasons Why El Toro Zoysia Is the Number One Rated Zoysia on the Market

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sod farm chattanooga, atlanta sod, sod nashville

Zoysia grass is one of the most popular types of lawn grasses especially in warm water climates. This is because:

• Zoysia is far more heat tolerant than other grasses.
• It’s also more cold tolerant than other grasses.
• Zoysia tolerates more traffic than other grasses and so is great for recreation areas on the lawn.
• At the same time, zoysia’s need for watering is far less than other types of grasses.
• It’s good to plant on slopes. Other grasses don’t cling to slopes as well.
• It has a lush, thick, green growth.
• Because of this, it shades out weeds and competing grass.
• Despite its thick growth, zoysia grass doesn’t need to be mown as often as other grasses.
• It also resists damage by insects.

About El Toro Zoysia

El Toro zoysia is a medium-textured, medium green grass that’s both dense and able to tolerate lots of traffic. Though it may be slower growing than some other types of grasses, once it’s established it tolerates heat as well as any other type of zoysia and can tolerate some shade. Like a lot of grasses, it spreads through runners or stolons.

But even El Toro zoysia, like all types of this grass, needs some maintenance and care. El Toro zoysia needs to be mowed at least once a week during the height of the growing season and may need to be dethatched every couple of years or so. Thatch happens when the lawn is compressed after it gets a lot of wear. A snarl of dead grass and other rubbish accumulates and cuts the lawn off from air, sun and nutrients. A lawn-mower like machine called an aerator can be used to dethatch the lawn and open it up. The homeowner can also dethatch a small lawn by hand, but it’s a job of work.

How to Install

El Toro zoysia is propagated by plugs or sod, or carpets of grass. First, if there’s already a lawn in place, it needs to be killed and then taken out. After that, the soil beneath it can be tilled and underground sprinklers can be installed or repaired. The soil should then be amended to make the best growing medium for the zoysia grass.


The sod needs to be laid down right after it arrives. It needs to be staggered over the soil very much like brick pavers would be installed. Sod can be cut with a sharp knife to conform to irregular or curved areas in the lawn. The sod should also be watered every 200 square feet to keep it hydrated. When the lawn is finished, it should be rolled to make sure it has good contact with the soil and then thoroughly watered.

The grass shouldn’t be watered in the late afternoon or before the sun comes up. People should avoid walking on the sod if that’s possible for about the first week or two.

Zoysia sod creates an instant, thick, emerald green lawn. Only a bit of regular maintenance will help this lawn keep its looks throughout the spring, summer and fall.