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Increase Your Home Value By Installing Sod

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chattanooga sod

Our economy is certainly facing a host of troubling circumstances, not the least of which is the continuing downward spiral for home values. In times of crisis, the best solution is not to panic, but to get proactive. One of the smartest things you can do to arrest this worrying trend is to make changes to your home and surrounding property that will sharpen their appeal and enhance their value.

Smart Small but Dream Big

You don’t have to spend a million dollars to increase your home value. You can start small by making a few changes to your lawn, such as installing sod. Believe it or not, this is actually one of the easiest – and smartest – things you can do to begin improving your home value.

How Installing Sod Can Dramatically Raise Your Home Value

Here are a few ways that a gesture as simple and cost effective as installing sod on your property can dramatically raise your home value:

  • Installing Sod Immediately Heightens Curb AppealA patchy, brownish bit of lawn does nothing for the aesthetic value of your property, nor does it improve a visitor’s impression of the neighborhood your home is located in. Planting a full course of sod is a great way to get your lawn back up to speed. The faster you “green up” your property, the faster your home value is enhanced.
  • Superior Landscaping Gives An Excellent First ImpressionWhen it comes to attracting a potential buyer for your home and ultimately sealing the deal, you ought to be well aware that a first impression is often the only impression you have the chance to give. Many home buyers will already have their minds halfway made up on selecting some other property. If the first glimpse they get of your home property is a shabby or neglected lawn, they won’t spare much further thought for the rest of it.

    This is why the state of your front lawn is so critical. The better shape your lawn is in, the sooner potential home buyers are reassured that you are doing your part to keep the rest of your property in tip top condition. Installing sod is an essential part of the landscaping process.

Showing Your Pride And Confidence In Your Home Will Enhance Its Value

In the long run, showing a bit of pride and confidence in your home will only enhance its appeal to potential buyers, as well as its final market value. Landscaping is an excellent way to quickly beautify your property. A well-kept and artistically arranged lawn can even help to disguise, or distract prospective home buyers from, minor faults such as cracks in your driveway, or spotty patches on your walls that were left over from the last time you painted your home.

So, when it’s time to upgrade your lawn, start small but dream big. Installing sod is an excellent first course of action to get your home value up to speed.