sod varieties for the south, southern sod

Different Varieties of Sod to choose From at Palmer’s Turf Farm

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sod varieties for the south, southern sod

If you’re considering sod for lawn or golf course purposes this spring, Palmer’s Turf Farm should be on your list. They have put unique care into addressing the many needs of people in a variety of geographical areas since 1994. Palmer’s service representatives stand ready to help you assess exactly what your specific grass needs are.

Consider the Varieties of Grasses Available:
• El Toro Zoysia – residential or commercial use, tolerates shade, very low maintenance
• Volunteer Zoysia – residential or commercial, high end sports fields, home putting greens
• PTT Fescue Blend – residential or commercial, parks and cemeteries, golf course roughs, low maintenance, saline soil and water areas
• Meyer Zoysia – residential or commercial, golf course, very low maintenance
• Emerald Zoysia – high end residential, golf course, home putting greens

What are the Weather Extremes of Your Area?

When you speak with a Palmer service rep, they will guide you to exactly the right turf for your home. For example, Volunteer Zoysia has been bred to have superior resistance to the climate changes of Tennessee, whether it be the flatlands or the Smokey Mountains, so it has excellent cold and drought resistance for a thin-leaf zoysia. PTT Fescue has better shade tolerance and salt tolerance and an excellent ability to repair itself, so it might be better suited for those of you with property nearer to the shoreline. Keen observation of your weather situation, combined with the help of your service representative will help you to find the exact type of sod for your geography.

What is the Activity Level on Your Grass?

Whether you are buying sod for a golf course or for an active yard, you will want to consult with Palmer Turf Farm about the right turf if you have an extremely active area you are sodding. Note that the zoysia grasses are all rated for golf course use. The PTT Fescue Blend’s high ability to repair itself could be a plus in lawns that will see high traffic from children or pets. The presentation of the lawn that you want to see will have an impact on the type of turf you purchase as well.

What Level of Care are You Able to Provide?

Fescue lawns require slightly more care than zoysia. You should prepare yourself for the fall and spring lawn care processes before you install turf. Fescue lawns are fertilized in early spring, before March 15. Zoysia is fertilized in the fall, after the lawn has turned brown (a natural process with the zoysia lawn).
Pre-emergent herbicides will be applied to all lawns in early spring to control crabgrass, goose grass and foxtail, and then post-emergent herbicides will be applied after May to control broadleaf weeds.
Lawns also require irrigation if there is not regular rainfall. For this process, it is best to consult the nursery or your installer for the right amounts of water required for the type of turf installed. Again, the level of care you are able to provide may influence which type of turf you select.

Contact the people at Palmer’s Turf Farm. They have the highest commitment to customer service and they will be certain to meet your specific needs. You will not be disappointed!